How it Works



Shaft alignment is a critical aspect of all rotating machinery that transfer rotational force from one piece of equipment (the driver machinery) to another with the help of shafts coupling (the driven machinery).

Accurate shaft alignment is critical for the following reasons:

  • Allows the machinery to run smoothly without vibrations
  • Allows the machinery to run efficiently
  • Reduces premature damage of bearing and shafts

The Shimless Aligner® is a device that replaces the conventional method of rotating equipment alignment which is the use of pre-cut shims. It is a permanent solution requiring a one-time replacement of the shims. It also reduces the need for downtime needed for maintenance, and provides a safer work environment by not having to lift heavy machinery repeatedly to adjust the shim heights. The Shimless Aligner is an economically viable solution over the life of the machinery.

The Shimless Aligner® uses taper wedges that could be adjusted with the use of a screw rod to create a precise and progressive vertical increase or decrease of height. When the Shimless Aligner® is placed under the feet of the rotating machinery in lieu of standard pre-cut shims, it allows for lifting and lowering of the machinery to correct vertical and angular misalignment. An additional screw rod that is placed strategically on the Shimless Aligner® allows for movement of the equipment base in a horizontal plane for correction of horizontal misalignment. In addition, the Shimless Aligner® also allows for soft foot correction which is a result of an uneven base/foot of the machinery.