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A patented tool
designed to make the alignment of any rotating equipment easy and efficient

The Shimless Aligner® is an ideal solution that enables perfect shaft alignment of rotating machinery. This is essential for its smooth operation, which in turn increases the life of the machinery and its reliability. The Shimless Aligner® reduces the cost associated with the alignment and maintenance of these expensive machinery.

The Shimless Aligner® replaces Precut Shims and provides the ability to correct soft foot, vertical, horizontal and angular misalignments, but without having to lift the heavy machinery off the foundation. Lifting this heavy machinery often requires the use of hydraulic jacks or cranes which can cause production loss, machine downtime and requires significant man-hours. A by-product of this efficient process is enhanced safety. It may be also possible to carry out hot alignment under operating conditions with the the use of the Shimless Aligner®.

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Safety is one of the highest priorities within any organization. With the Shimless Aligner® helps promote safety and efficiency with each machine!

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Keep your employees productive and efficient with the Shimless Aligner®.

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