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Shimless Aligner®s placed under the equipment feet is a function of taper edges to give precise progressive vertical increments through a screw rod to lift or lower the equipment to correct vertical and angular misalignment. Soft foot correction can easily be performed with Shimless Aligner®. Another screw rod of the Shimless Aligner® moves the equipment base on the sides to correct the horizontal misalignment.

Shaft alignment is a critical aspect of all rotating equipments that transfer rotational force from one piece of equipment to another with the help of shafts couplings.

Accurate shaft alignment is critical so that:

  • Equipment runs smoothly without vibrations
  • Equipment runs efficiently
  • Premature damage of bearings/shafts is eliminated
  • The Shimless Aligner® is a device that replaces the conventional method of aligning rotating equipment with the help of precut shims. It is a permanent solution which is also safe and economically viable over the life of the machinery. Replacing the existing shims with the Shimless Aligner® is a one-time task.

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