Schedule a Demo   |   Contact us   |   Purchase is a division of Softway Industrial Solutions, LLC., a Texas corporation. We aim to meet your need in terms of supporting our product by training you on how to implement this product in your envirnoment. Thanks to our advanced manufacturing and quality assurance process we provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty on every Shimless Aligner® sold either by Softway Industrial Solutions, or its distributors, This document may be requested online anytime by filing out our contact form.

Each Shimless Aligner® has been produced with quality materials and process to ensure they operate in any working condition. Softway Industrial Solutions has the capability of producing custom shimless aligners® of the standard equipment foot sizes.

Shimless Aligner® may be supplied as a standard alignment accessory by the equipment manufacturer. It could be also used to replace the existing precut shim packs under the equipment feet in the plant when it is needed after maintenance and repairs to realign and correct the misalignment between the Driver and Driven equipment shafts for efficiency and safety.

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